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Hopefully you are testing your numbers at least twice a day, morning and night. Did you know that some local medical stores will give you one free test, you know, they'll test your sugar levels. If you are feeling the effects of diabetes and you don't have insurance check out your local medical supply stores.

There is a free spreadsheet at that will help keep track of your numbers.
As you track the numbers you will get an average reading displayed in the spreadsheet.
Be sure to print this out and take it to your doctor during each visit.
Most doctors love to see the printed chart. One, because it shows you are trying.
Two, it shows you and your doctor what your daily numbers and average daily number.

Of course, walking for a little while each day is helpful, outside if possible!
Keep in mind that RAW foods are better than PROCESSED foods.
Carbonated drinks and alchohol should be stopped.
Water is your friend. A little tea and coffee are ok too, in moderation.

Sunchokes are just a vegetable.

I do not claim any healing or curative powers.

That is not up to me that is up to you.

Me? I am here today in pretty good health.
I have not taken pills or shots in the past two years.
My numbers have stayed between 80 and 120 consistently.
My numbers were 250+ three years ago.
My A1C was 12+, now it's at 6.
I was going into diabetic shock and I did not know it.

During the past year my wife filed for divorce.
We were divorced on July 16th, 2009 in Oakland County Michigan.
I lost my home.
I lost most of my material possessions.
I lost my wife of 21 years.
I lost my business.
I lost my health insurance.
I lost my credit cards.
I lost my good standing with my bank.
I lost my dog.

Why include details of my personal life with the Sunchoke Plan? Attitudes, your state of mind, your outlook on life affect, effect?, our body. Stress is always in our life. Each of us fights and stuggles with our own private battles and wars. Even in the worse of times one needs to keep everything in perspective. No matter what troubles may face you keep praying for relief and ignore the dark side.

Without your health you have nothing.

If you have your health you have everything!

During this stressful time of my life I was determined to get my health back.

I am not seling you anything. I am telling you what worked for me.

Today, I am 54 years old and I'm living in my parents basement.

I have my health and my daughter and I have the future. I walk nearly everyday. I stretch a little.
Do I eat right everyday? No. But I do eat right!
Is it easy! No.
Did I ever give up. No.
I press on knowing that I did some good in the world.
I greet everyone with a smile and a twinkle in my eye.
There are some things I will never be able to explain.

Through it all I love life!

Knowledge not used is truly a sin which is why I am sharing what I know with you.

Even though I have loss I have gained so much.
I hope you benefit from eating the Sunchoke as I have!

This is a new beginning.

Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.
I will try to the best of my ability to help answer them.

Consult with your doctor or health provider before eating Sunchokes.

Please keep in touch.



Once we receive your email address we will send to you a link for the order form. Pricing and downloading instructions are on this form.

Order this program today for you, your family or friends. It's never too late to begin the road back to recovery from diabetes. I cured my diabetes and so can you!


As I sit here typing I can't help but think that I am truly free of Diabetes. For a long time I could not move on with my life. It just seemed everything was focused on getting better. And, I was right! This is a time of discovery. I spent months researching everything about this dis-ease, Diabetes. I became enlightened on the effects and the ways to help, manage and maintain. I knew that pills and shots were not the long-term answer. I can say beyond a doubt that I know what it takes to become non-diabetic. My prayers were answered and now we can all benefit.

It is great to wake up and know that I don't have to take pills or shots throughout the day. You need to get to this place. Only you can change your thinking and your approach to life. Of course, I will continue taking my blood sugar to make sure that I stay on track. But, if I do find my sugar levels going up I'll return to the Sunchoke to help bring my levels back to normal.

Many people have told me that I could get rich selling this plan. The thought of it is appealing. To be able to pay off our bills promoting Sunchokes. What a relief that would be. I'm a businessman. I know it doesn't make sense to give something away. But, my wife and I figure the best payment would be if someone called or wrote and said they followed the diet and were no longer diabetic. That would be the best feeling in the world. I know that day will come soon. I'm writing a book on Diabetes. This book I will eventually sell here on the web site. I have a few publishers ready to carry the book in their catalogs and web sites once it is ready to go. So, in that respect, the money will be made on other things. The main thing is you can get this diet for free. No strings attached. No calls. No snake oil salesman hawking pills and ointments. Everything you need to do is included in the Sunchoke Diet Plan. I wish you good luck on your new journey.


We are not selling you pills or miracles remedies. The real hard work will be in following the Sunchoke Diet. I believe it was easy. Some people have responded that they don't like to eat vegetables. Remember one thing, a part of your body is dying each day that you delay. The protiens that need to get to the cells are not being delivered properly. This is what leads to numbness and later, amputation. You need to re-think how you eat and what you eat every day. Your body is an amazing thing. It will respond if you give it a chance. Once you get over this mental part you can begin living a new life. And really, who wants to think about diabetes everyday. You need to move on with your life. Start today!

We ask for your email address to keep track of the people using the diet plan. You will receive monthly newsletters about diabetes and healthy living. This way we can keep you updated on the progress of yourself and others using our Sunchoke Diet Plan. No email addresses or names will be used unless you ask them to be used. Eventually we would like to add a testimonials page to show your success in eliminating diabetes from your life.

We also need to verify your email address to cut down on the email spammers that visit out site. Also, this will cut down on the amount of fake emails that people send to us each day. If we kept replying to these fake emails then eventually we would get tagged as a spammer!

You are truly on the road to recovery!

I know this works. There is no charge for the Sunchoke Diet Plan. What you will need is the energy, time and commitment. The rest will take of itself! Within the year you will see your sugar levels return to normal. Of course, you must maintain a proper diet to help make this happen.

Sun Choke Your Diabetes

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