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Estella Manas

Estella and her husband have a farm near Toronto, Canada. They grow 2 varieties of Sunchokes. I'm not sure what each family is officially names. If anyone knows please contact us and we will post the family names. As you can see the long, tubular Sunchokes are at the top of the plate. The short, round variety are at the bottom of the plate. These look exactly like the Sunchokes I grow here in Michigan.

Thank you Estella for sending this wonder photo!

Estella Manas


Sunchoke Plants

I began growing these plants in a few large growing pots. Within a couple of weeks they were sprouting and growing. I poured an 8 ounce of water into the pot each day. When they grew to be over two feet tall I transplanted them into the backyard.

Sunchoke Plants 1

Sunchoke Flower 2

Sunchoke Flower 2

Mid-sized Sunchoke Plants: - Medium Size 1 - Medium Size 2 - Medium Size 3

These Sunchokes are on their way to growing to almost 11 feet tall. The average is 8 to 11 feet in height.

Sunchoke Flowrer

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