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This is my gift to you as it was a gift to me.

This is a special edition of the Sunchoke television program!

This is the first of four parts of the 30 minute segment.

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The Suncoke Paper, Instructional DVD and the Sunchoke Relaxation CD makes a great gift!.

This website is a testimony to those whom suffer or will suffer from the dis-ease known as Diabetes. (Note: Please contact your doctor or health care professional before eating Sunchokes or adding new foods to your diet).

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A question I get asked a lot: What is length of time that I will something is happening? Only time will tell, 3 months, 8 months, a year? Each body is the same but different.

During this time please keep track of your daily numbers.
Hopefully you are testing your numbers at least twice a day, morning and night. Did you know that some local medical supply stores will give you one free test, you know, they'll test your sugar levels. If you are feeling the effects of diabetes and you don't have insurance check out your local medical supply stores.

There is a free spreadsheet (Free Spreadsheet Click Here that will help you keep track of your numbers.
As you track the numbers you will get an average reading displayed in the spreadsheet.
Be sure to print your daily readings and take it to your doctor or health care provider during each visit.
Most doctors love to see the printed chart. One, because it shows you are trying.
Two, it shows you and your doctor your daily numbers and average daily number.

Of course, walking for a little while each day is helpful, outside if possible!
Keep in mind that RAW foods are better than PROCESSED foods.
Carbonated drinks and alchohol should be stopped.
Water is your friend. A little tea and coffee are ok too, in moderation. If possible get an Alkaline/Acid testing kit. Try to keep your body Alkaline than Acidic.

Sunchokes are just a vegetable related to the Sunflower. Even if you don't believe your body will know what to do once you begin this plan.

I am not a doctor nor do I claim any healing or curative powers.



Why include details of my personal life with the Sunchoke Plan? Attitudes, your state of mind, your outlook on life affect, effect?, our body. Stress is always in our life. Everyday, each of us fights and stuggles with our own private battles and wars. Even in the worse of times one needs to keep everything in perspective. No matter what troubles may face you keep praying for relief and ignore the dark side.

Without your health you have nothing.

If you have your health you have everything!

During this stressful time of my life I was determined to get my health back.

I am not selling you anything. I am telling you what worked for me. I have produced this website because I want to give back. I was given a gift and now I'm giving it to you!

I have my health and my daughter and I have the future. I walk nearly everyday. I stretch a little.
Do I eat right everyday? No. But I do eat the right things? Yes.
Is it easy! No.
Did I ever give up. No.
I press on knowing that I did some good in the world.
I greet everyone with a smile and a twinkle in my eye.
There are some things I will never be able to explain.

Through it all I love life!

Knowledge not used is truly a sin which is why I am sharing what I know with you.

Even though I have loss I have gained so much.
I hope you benefit from eating the Sunchoke as I have!

This is a new beginning for you and for me.

Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.
I will try to the best of my ability to help answer them.

Consult with your doctor or health provider before eating Sunchokes.

Please keep in touch.


Kelly Dunn

New Year - New Day - New You!

I am so happy to have made it this far in my life. If someone had asked me a few years I could not have answered the same way. But, thanks to a re-thinking of my attitude towards my life I look at food totally diiferent. I think about everything I am going to put into my mouth and thus my body. Am I perfert everyday? No. But I am so happy with the results of my new lifestyle that I look forward to the future with more vigor than I have before. Today people tell me that I look twenty years younger. Actully I feel twenty years younger! A big part of my success is the Sunchoke plant. I had heard of this plant but I never had eaten the vegetable until a few years ago. If you were to judge a book by its cover then you would not think much of the Sunchoke. The Sunchoke won't win any beauty contests, I'd put money on that. But the magical properties of the Sunchoke are many. How can something has has nearly no taste be so beneficial, especially to diabetics and pre-diabetics? The main ingrediant is Inulin, not insulin but inulin. The inulin helps maintain your sugar levels which is the main problem with diabetes. Inulin does not break down into glucose which is sugar in the stomach. The body does not see a rise in the blood sugar levels. You owe it to yourself to begin adding Sunchokes to your diet today! If you cannot find them please email us for more information. I will be much more active on the website than I have during the past year. I am adjusting to live as a single father with a beautiful daughter. Be sure to add 411 @ Sunchoke . Org to your email address book. I have been sending out emails and they are not getting through. I am trying to respond to each and every one of your emails and it's maddening when an email is returned or not answered. I suspect my emails are ending up in the Trash or Spam folders. So make those changes and we'll be in touch soon!

Upcoming Book Release with Video!

In addition to the new book, "Sunchokes and Your Health", we working on a video. This video will work in conjunction with the book to better explain the techniques in preparing Sunchoke to eat with your meals. Even though we are behind schedule the final product will be something that will help you on your quest towards good health!

Full Sunchoke Season Gallery!

Here's the gallery that took me an entire growing season to capture on film. I hope you enjoy the photo's as much as I did putting it together. I wanted to capture the Sunchoke plants from beginning to end. Of course the best part is eating the vegetable! The edible part of the plant is the root. Many people believe because it is related to the Sunflower that one would eat the seeds from the flower. The Sunchoke is a tuber, much like a potato, excepet there are zero carbs and you can eat it raw! Also, keep in mind that some of these Sunchoke plants were over ten fee tall! The Sunchokes that received more sun grew taller which goes without saying. However, had all each of the Sunchoke plants received full sun each of them would have grown to nearly 11 feet tall. During full bloom we enjoyed walking through the rows of Sunchoke plants.

View Sunchoke Gallery <Click Here >

A person I have known for a coupld of years called me this week and wanted to meeet with me. We met at a coffee show later that morning. He told me that he had full-blown Diabetes. He asked me if an A1C glucose level of 11 was high. High! I told him that this number is extremly high. He told me that because he had insurance that the doctor prescribed insulin shots immediately. This person is not overweight, rather tall and african-american descent. He said that he would check into the Sunchokes after the inulin shot therapy was well underway. Again, the is Type 2 Diabetes. I told him that through excercise and lifestyle changes he could control his Diabetes. Basically, he wanted to know if 11 was a high number. He wasn't sure if the doctor was telling him the truth. Please, people, doctors do know how to test blood and its contents. This is why it so important to go see your doctor and get an A1C test. It may just save your life. Remember: A doctor can diagnose you but you have to be your own doctor. Listen to what they tell you and apply it vigorously. It's your health, take charge and lower those blood glucose numbers! Stop eating meat, processed foods and dairy products on a daily basis. Eat mainly greens and fruits. Walk everyday no matter what the weather is like. Dress appropriately!

Diabetes will not wait for you!

Now that the gallery is completed I promise to finish my thoughts about the Sunchoke Diet Plan! Expect something by early next year. I need to add that I went through a long and very painful divorce this year. I am doing my best to move on with my life. I want to thank everyone this year for all of your support. It's just an unbelievable situation that I find myself in today. Needless to say, stress is very bad to the mind and body. I guess we all have our personal wars that we are waging everyday. I am no exception to be sure!

I hope today finds YOU in good health!


Sunchoke Flower

Once diagnosed you will never see the world as it use to be. Everything on television, in magzines and on your restuarant menu is now off-limits. It's almost like telling someone they cannot breath air. Actually, I began to wonder how many grams of sugar could be in the air! I know, it sound paranoid but that's how the mind works under stress. You see, if sugar isn't in the food we eat, what we eat gets converted to sugar. It may sound fatal but it does not have to be. I have followed and applied my own research and have confounded myself, my family and especially my doctors.

If you do follow the plan please email us with your results so we can compile a database of success stories.

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At Sunchoke.Org you will learn how to eat your way to good health. And really thats all the doctors want from us is to be as healthy as we can. If you embrace the plan as it has been provided, you will live a long and healthy life. This site is dedicated to the use of the Sunchoke.

We have now dedicated our lives to bringing to you the latest information about this amazing sunflower plaint, the Sunchoke. I have the cure. This is no simple claim on my part. I make this claim through the application and preparation of the Sunchoke in my daily diet. I was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

This is not a medical site. Please consult your physician before using or applying anything mentioned on these pages. We urge you to use this diet plan with your doctors supervision.